How to get the Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher in Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is full of interesting and deadly weapons. Things like Gamma Guns to Assault Rifles, and even homemade Pipe Pistols, or the old timey .44 Magnum are scattered throughout the wasteland of the Commonwealth. But none of these weapons come close to the raw power, and deadliness of a Mini Nuke launching weapon like the Fat Man or the Big Boy. Unlike its younger brother though, the Big Boy doesn’t simply fire one Mini Nuke. Instead, it spreads fires off two Mini Nukes, sending more nuclear fire reigning down on your enemies than we care to admit. This guide will teach you how and where to get the Big Boy, so that you can start giving those pesky Super Mutant suiciders a taste of their own medicine.

Locate Diamond City

The first step to getting the Big Boy is to locate Diamond City on the map. If you’ve made it any length through Fallout 4’s main story missions, then this shouldn’t be too hard. Once you’ve located the city, head to the Green Jewel of the Commonwealth, and make sure you’ve got plenty of space in your bag for what you plan to pick up.

Head to Diamond City Market

Now you need to head to Diamond City Market. I’m sure you know the place by now. It’s that bustling avenue of people, and business. You know, the place where you can find Piper and nab an issue of her outstanding newspaper Publick Occurrences. Once you arrive at Diamond City Market it’s time to locate the vendor you need to speak.

Find Commonwealth Weaponry

Now you just need to find the right vendor. Head into the market, and make your way past the Power Noodles bar to spot Commonwealth Weaponry just beyond the small restaurant. Head up and introduce yourself to the vendor, Arturo, and ask to browse his inventory using the Barter command.

Buy the Big Boy

Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Whip out your Bottlecaps, 12279 to be exact, and purchase the massive Mini Nuke launcher. If you’ve got anything to sell, you can go ahead and sell it here as well. Once you have your Big Boy, head back into the wasteland and give it a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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