I Am Bread and Goat Simulator mash up to become free GoatBread update

You got your goat on my bread! You got your bread on my goat! Wait... what?


One of this writer's favorite expressions is "two great tastes that taste great together." It's hard to imagine bread tasting good with goats, but I Am Bread creators Bossa Studios are making this possible, thanks to a new collaboration with Goat Simulator creators Coffee Stain Studios. The result is the bizarre amalgamation known as GoatBread, a dual update for both I Am Bread and Goat Simulator.

GoatBread adds a new Goat Simulator-inspired stage to I Am Bread called 'RAMpage mode,' allowing I Am Bread owners to control a goat with the whacked-out 'Bread' controls. Meanwhile, Goat Simulator wil get a new playable piece of bread, as well as a few other unnamed goodies.

Both of these updates are free. Those that have yet to pick up either game can find both I Am Bread and Goat Simulator on sale this weekend on Steam. To see this team-up in action, check out the video below.

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