ARK: Survival Evolved update chills with penguins and angler fish

The latest update for ARK: Survival Evolved adds a couple of fishy friends to the survival game: one friendly, the other not so much. The update is also throwing in new camp defense mechanisms and the means to call for all-out war.


There are all kinds of prehistoric animals dwelling in ARK: Survival Evolved, but the game's latest update is focusing more on marine life. Studio Wildcard has announced that today's update will add penguins and angler fish to the surival game, while also adding a few new ways to protect a player's camp.

The Kairuku Waitaki is a prehistoric penguin and like those marching penguins that Morgan Freeman raved over a few years ago, these flightless birds are joyfully harmless. They can be tamed easily and kept as a pet, as well as a fresh body for warmth. What's not so harmless is the Melanocetus Anglerpescum angler fish, which is as terrifying here as it is in the seas. The angler fish can be tamed so that explorers can use its natural light at the end of its stalks to dive underwater and search for resources. It can also be harvested for fuel and organic lighting in camps, but it won't go down without a fight. To learn more about these new creatures, check out the video below.

Today's update will also include catapults, gatling gun turrets, and a new 'Tribal Warfare Alliance' system for PvE servers. The latter will allow tribes to formally declare war on one another. To learn more about today's update, visit the Steam Announcements post. Those looking to pick up the game can find it on sale on Steam Early Access.

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