Chattycast 70: The Feast

The crew looks at the insane holiday release schedule and asks whether it's good for the industry. Plus Beat the Doc, Newsybits, and lots of Fallout and Tomb Raider talk!


We're fast approaching Thanksgiving Day in America, and as a result this week we've seen publishers' last big push to get out their biggest games: Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Starcraft: Legacy of the Void all hit simultaneously, making a veritable feast of gaming goodness on top of the last several weeks of non-stop AAA releases. But is the fall release season good for the industry?

This week, the Chattycast talks about the video game retail schedule. Is pushing so much into a two-month span healthy for the industry's sustained growth? Are more games being released throughout the year to make a more rounded schedule? Is this the sign of our industry's relative youth, or is it just similar to Hollywood's "summer blockbuster" and "fall Oscar" seasons? Do you tend to spend the winter catching up on all the fall releases, or do some inevitably get left by the wayside?

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