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Fallout 4: All Perk Magazine Locations - Grognak the Barbarian, Guns and Bullets

Find all of the magazines hidden throughout the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Learn the location of every “required reading” magazine hidden throughout Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is littered with junk and useless crap to pick up. But amid all the junk are several collectibles. We’ve already covered how to find all twenty of the Vault-Boy Bobbleheads, but this time around we’re going to be digging deeper into the world of Fallout. This guide will showcase the locations of each and every magazine and book collectible that you can find through the Commonwealth and its various locations. These magazines include but are not limited to Grognak the Barbarian, Hot Rodder, Guns and Bullets, Live & Love, and Astoundingly Awesome Tales.

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!

 Location Name - Sanctuary

You can find the You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book inside your house after you return from Vault 111. Head inside, and then make your way back to Shaun’s room, where you can nab this collectible from the ground under Shaun’s dresser.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales

Issue #1 - Location Name - Outpost Zimonja

Head to Outpost Zimonja. Once you arrive, locate and make your way to the workshop in that area. You should easily spot this issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales sitting on the workshop.

Issue #2 Location Name - Skylanes Flight 1981

To find this collectible you’re going to need to locate Skylanes Flight 1981. Once you arrive, locate the restroom just below the cockpit and head inside to find this magazine resting on the toilet.

Issue #3 Location Name - Boston Mayoral Shelter

This collectible can be found by traveling to the Boston Mayoral Shelter and located the lower level bedroom on the southwestern corner of the shelter. Head inside to find the magazine on a small table.

Issue #4 Location Name - Dunwich Borers

To find this issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales you’re going to need to travel to Dunwich Borers and make your way down until you spot Terminal #3. Now drop into the bit below, and you should easily spot this magazine resting on the table inside the pit.

Issue #5 Location Name - East Boston Preparatory School

Make your way through the East Boston Preparatory School until you reach the top level. Now head towards the southeastern corner of the school to find a computer room. This collectible can be found inside the computer room, sitting on a desk.

Issue #6 Location Name - Crater of Atom

To find this collectible you’ll need to travel to through the Glowing Sea to the Crater of Atom. Once you arrive, locate the central shack in the northern rocks along the crater. Head inside the shack, making your way to the top floor, to find this collectible inside.

Issue #7 Location Name - Sentinel Site

Players can find this collectible by heading to the Sentinel Site on their World Map. Once you arrive, locate the metal hut at the end of the tunnel overlooking the stockpile chamber. You’ll find this magazine there, peering into the stores below.

Issue #8 Location Name - Coast Guard Pier

Make your way to the Coast Guard Pier to find this collectible. Once you arrive, locate the storage room. You should also spot a locked cell beside it. Lockpick the door, and then head inside to grab this magazine off of the toilet.

Issue #9 Location Name - The Institute

To find this collectible you’ll need to wait until you infiltrate the Institute. Once you arrive, locate Holdren’s quarters, and then head onto the balcony that juts off from his room. You will find this issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales sitting on a triangular-shaped table outside.

Issue #10 Location Name - Trinity Plaza

Make your way to Trinity Plaza, and head inside the church. Once you’re inside you need to locate a steamer trunk along the eastern side of the church’s interior. You’ll find this magazine on the lectern just beside the trunk.

Issue #11 Location Name - Hubris Comics

Head inside Hubris Comics, and make your way to the top floor of the building. Now you need to locate the bathroom which is marked “Star”. Once you’ve found it, head inside and look for this collectible on the table inside.

Issue #12 Location Name - Pickman Gallery

Head through Pickman Gallery until you reach the room where you meet Pickman. Now you’ll need to continue past this point to the last tunnel chamber, and locate the steamer trunk hidden away in that area. This magazine can be found lying next to the trunk.

Issue #13 Location Name - Old North Church

Head through the Old North Church until you reach a dead end, with the entrance to Railroad HQ. Now head inside the groups’ headquarters, and make your way to the brick crypt near the rear of the area. You’ll find this collectible sitting on a metal desk.

Issue #14 Location Name - Park Street Station (Vault 114)

Head back into Vault 114 (where you meet Nick Valentine), and make your way through until you find a blocked corridor that leads to the living quarters. Locate the sign marked “Laundry”, and you should spot this magazine nearby.

Grognak The Barbarian

Issue#1 Location Name - Sanctuary

This collectible can be found on the kitchen counter of your old house in Sanctuary Hills.

Issue#2 Location Name - Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup

You can find this collectible in the main warehouse of Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. Head to the east end of the warehouse, and check the desk with the key in the small office located at that end.

Issue#3 Location Name - Malden Middle School (Vault 75)

This collectible can be found in the Overseer’s office of Vault 75. Head to the top floor of Malden Middle School, and make your way to the Overseer’s office to find this magazine on the bed.

Issue#4 Location Name - Corvega Assembly Plant

Head to Corvega Assembly Plant, and make your way to the top floor where you’ll find a metal hut that contains a steamer trunk. The magazine is inside the trunk.

Issue#5 Location Name - Vault 81

This collectible can only be achieved by completing the side quest Short Stories in the Classroom, which is given to you by a teacher named Katy.

Issue#6 Location Name - Museum of Witchcraft

Check the table in the “dungeon” room that is located on the upper floor of the museum. You can find the room on the southern side of the building.

Issue#7 Location Name - Hyde Park

Head to Hyde Park, and locate the raider camp in the southern section of the park. Now you’ll need to get onto the roof of the buildings in the camp to find this issue of the popular Fallout comic.

Issue#8 Location Name - Back Street Apparel

This collectible can be nabbed from the destroyed apartment on the second level of Back Street Apparel. Look for a TV and a safe, and you should spot this comic sitting on a table nearby.

Issue#9 Location Name - Boston Common

To find this collectible players will need to head to Boston Common, and located the enclosed shop near the Park Street Station entrance. Look for a skeleton in the shop to make sure you’re in the right place.

Issue#10 Location Name - Bus and Apartment Wreckage

This issue of Grognak the Barbarian can be nabbed near Andrew Street Station. Look for a bus that has wrecked into an apartment, and then head inside the apartment to discover this collectible on the bed.

Issue#11 Location Name - Mass Pike Interchange

To find this final comic collectible players will need to locate the Gunner Camp on the Mass Pike Interchange. Defeat any Gunners in your way, and then located the toilet beside the Power Armor station to find this collectible.

We'll be updating this article as we find more of these magazines, so be sure to check back often for an updated listed.

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