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Fallout 4: How to Get the Cryolator the Easy Way

Upgrade your lockpicking and get your hands on the Cryolator weapon in Fallout 4... Or you could just use Dogmeat. Yeah, that's a thing.


Saying that the Cryolator isn’t a great gun would be doing it an injustice, and there’s a reason they have the thing locked behind glass at the start of the game. You might have noticed this impressive looking piece of machinery as you prepared to leave Vault 111. This guide will teach you how to unlock the Cryolator the official way, as well as the easy way.

The Official Way

To unlock the Cryolator officially you’ll want to get your character up to Level 20, and have a Perception level of 4. Once you do this you should have enough points to unlock the Advanced and Master Lockpicking skills. The best way to level up is to complete main quests and side quests. Luckily, there is a lot to do out in the wastelands, so don’t feel too pressured. This baby will always be waiting for you when you get back with the required lockpicking skill.

Cryolator Stats

The Unofficial Way

If you’re impatient, or if you’re just looking to try this baby out before continuing on your quest through the wasteland. Sadly the unofficial way only works on PC, but I figured I’d through it in here just for the sake of covering all our bases. Since Fallout 4 is built along the same structure and engine as previous Bethesda games, many of the old console commands for Fallout 3 still work with Fallout 4. What you’ll need to do to unlock the Cryolator without waiting is make your way to the case, then open your command line using the TILDE KEY (it looks like this ~). Now click directly on the case for the Cryolator, and type in the command “Unlock” without quotation marks. That will unlock the container, and you can go straight to freezing your enemies to death.

We understand that many people want to play it safe, and enjoy the game without any cheats, and that’s perfectly okay. We don’t in any way condone cheating. We just wanted to cover all our bases with this guide, and give you guys every chance possible to get your hands on this magnificent weapon whenever you want. 


If you don't feel like cheating (or you're on console, and can't use the console commands), play through the game until you get Dogmeat. Once you have your faithful companion, return to Vault 111 and head to the area with the Cryolator. Now look at Dogmeat, and give him an order to FIND ITEMS. Being the ever-helpful companion that he is, Dogmeat will bash open the case holding the Cryolator, and bring it to you. Presto. Now you've got one of the best guns in the game. Enjoy freezing your enemies.

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