Guitar Hero Live outlines three new GHTV Premium Shows and free on-demand weekend

Guitar Hero Live is adding three new Premium Shows to GHTV this week and is celebrating by offering the full GHTV on-demand catalog for free this weekend.


Activision and FreeStyleGames already have a healthy selection of on-demand songs available in Guitar Hero Live's music video-centric GHTV mode. Now it's time to start expanding that library through the addition of some new Premium Shows. This week, Guitar Hero Live will begin adding Premium Shows to the GHTV lineup, while the game's on demand catalog will also get a free weekend.

Look for the following Premium Shows to be made available in GHTV today:

  • Black Veil Brides - This show follows the Black Veil Brides' first live concert DVD, Alive and Burning, from their Black Mass Tour in November 2014. The songs featured include "Heart of Fire (Live)," "Fallen Angels (Live)," and "In the End (Live)." This show will be made available this Friday.
  • Legendary Headliners - This show features "Monster" from Paramore, "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" from Fall Out Boy, and "First Date" from Blink-182. This show is available today.
  • Pop Goes GHTV - This show features "Chocolate" by The 1975, "Believer" by American Authors, and "Budapest" by George Ezra. This show is also available today.

As a reminder, Guitar Hero Live does not operate on the series' previous DLC model. Premium Shows and on-demand tracks can be purchased with in-game currency. Completing the Premium Shows will add these tracks to the on-demand catalog. The songs will also eventually make it into the GHTV streaming channel rotation.

Also, be on the lookout for a free on-demand weekend, in which the entire GHTV catalogue can be played for zero in-game currency. The free weekend begins this Friday at 4AM PT.

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