Hard West holds its horses for a 2-week delay; rides into town on Nov. 18

It appears there was a snake in Hard West's boot, which is why it's now releasing on November 18.


CreativeForge Games has announced it’s pulling back the reins on the release of Hard West as the game will now launch on November 18.

Hard West lead designer Kacper Szymczak says the reason for the delay is due to some last-minute changes which revealed “some excellent opportunities for improvements.” He continues, “While it would be easy to patch in little details, we all know how we feel about such moves. When the game releases, it should be as good as it can be.”

To make up for its two-week delay, CreativeForge Games has released a two new trailers of Hard West. The first is an 8-minute gameplay video that takes a look at The Asylum mission. The second is a new release date announcement video, which nicely sums up the reason for its delay.

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