Google celebrates Halloween with adorable candy-collecting minigame

If you absolutely can't wait to collect delicious candy in real life, then head on over to today's Google Doodle where you can collect a ton of it.


Google has launched a special Google Doodle to celebrate Halloween that has players fighting in an epic online battle to see who can collect the most candy.

You play as one of four global witch teams as you make your way through a level filled with floating candy. In order to collect the candy, you’ll need to either tap on the space bar or click your mouse to have your witch ascend. The game offers a similar game mechanic to Flappy Bird, although there aren’t as many obstacles in your way.

Your witch will come across three candy types, each of which offers a specific point multiplier to your grand total. At the end of the stage, your witch will drop her candy into their colored pot, which will then be compared with the score of other teams around the world.

This year’s Halloween Google Doodle is an adorable take on the holiday, and we hope you take a moment out of your day to add some points to Team Blue.

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