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The Humble Capcom Bundle Now Includes Resident Evil 4 and Remember Me

With games like these, perhaps the Humble Bundle should do a little bragging. 


The latest Humble Bundle is a doozy, especially if you happen to be a Capcom fan. The aptly-named Humble Capcom Bundle is up for purchase right now, with 218,359 bundles having been sold at the time of writing. And there's about to be a whole lot more going out now, with the addition of Resident Evil 4 and Remember Me to the bundle.

Remember Me is an intriguing specimen that's at least worth a look. On one hand, it clings to archaic convention, such as its bland protagonist devoid of a memorable personality. On the other, it’s so delightfully bizarre you'll want to investigate. And obviously Resident Evil 4 is Resident Evil 4.

Beating the average of $9.28 will net you both games, including a smattering of other Capcom games for an absolute steal. DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Revelations, and more await you for less than the price of one game.

Going a step further and paying $15 or more will also get you Ultra Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil Revelations, which purchased alone would cost you a whopping $29.99 right now on Steam. Why wouldn't you take the plunge?

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