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Marvel Heroes 2015: Who Should Debut Next from the 'All-New, All-Different' Marvel Universe?

Marvel Heroes 2015 is rolling out new content today based on the 'All-New, All-Different Marvel' line of comics. But there are many more changes coming to the books, so today, Shacknews is asking what else from the ever-changing Marvel comic book universe should make it into Gazillion's MMORPG?


Today is an interesting day for the Marvel Heroes 2015 fanbase, with Gazillion helping usher the MMORPG into a new comic book era. Today marks the arrival of new content based on the 'All-New, All-Different Marvel.' This sees the Marvel Universe undergo a series of changes in the wake of the events of the Secret Wars mini-series.

That means Ms. Marvel is no longer Ms. Marvel, but Carol Danvers is now officially Captain Marvel, with a new costume based on her upcoming #1 issue to boot. Spider-Gwen is now on the Team-Up roster, while Wolverine and Thor are getting their new identities stepping forward. All of this is a fine first step for keeping up with current events in the comics, but there's plenty more to find in the All-New, All-Different Marvel. So what else is worth bringing over to Marvel Heroes 2015 (soon to be Marvel Heroes 2016)? In the wake of today's new content and since it's also New York Comic-Con weekend, Shacknews decided to explore this question and throw out a few possibilities.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Spider-Man has a pretty big wardrobe of costumes, all based on major events in the character's history. There's the classic black costume, his Future Foundation suit, his "Big Time" green costume, and even his Superior costume that harkens back to the time that Peter Parker was possessed by Otto Octavius. Spider-Gwen's debut as a Team-Up character has raised a whole new question, though. Where's the love for the former Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales?

Miles turned a lot of heads when he first debuted in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man and readers were quickly drawn to the tales that blended his upbringing and his experiences as a half-Latino/half-African-American young man with the classic lessons of what makes Spider-Man such a cultural icon. Miles learned his lessons about great power and great responsibility in his own way and he quickly became one of the only remaining reasons to stick with the Ultimate universe.

Now the Ultimate Marvel universe is no more, but Miles continues on as not only a member of a totally different Avengers team, but also as a Spider-Man that is learning his craft under the tutelage of Peter Parker. The story possibilities with Miles have become even more intriguing and it makes him an ideal candidate to hit Marvel Heroes in the future. There's even a voice actor that would more than likely be willing to step into the booth for him. Donald Glover (a well-known Spidey fan) recently voiced Miles in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series and it would be great to hear his quips come out of Miles one more time.

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

Speaking of Spider-Man, Kamala Khan carries much of that same teenage enthusiasm for the superhero gig that Spidey first had when he started out. The webbed wonder himself even pointed this out when he first met Kamala in a crossover story. Like Miles, Kamala was one of the first characters to prove that new characters (and minority ones, at that) can fit into classic superhero mantles without any problem. She also brings her own unique culture (as both a Muslim and a gamer) and perspective and mixes it with everything that makes the heroic mantle so memorable.

Kamala was recently added to the Game Informer Marvel Heroes character poll and prospects for her inclusion haven't looked so good. But that doesn't make her any less important to the All-New, All-Different Marvel. Not only will her stories continue in the wake of a changing Marvel Universe, she's also continuing her journey as part of the All-New, All-Different Avengers team.

The Totally Awesome Hulk

Daniel Perez first reminded me of one of the cooler aspects of the All-New, All-Different Marvel. Amadeus Cho was first introduced in the pages of The Incredible Hulk before breaking out as a supporting character in the heavily underrated The Incredible Hercules series from the late 00s. Even at a young age, Cho was recognized as one of the smartest humans on Earth, with his intellect only outmatched by Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, and a few others.

The All-New, All-Different Marvel now puts Cho in an entirely new role as the new Hulk. Nobody's sure just how he fell into the role of the new Jade Giant, but there does seem to be one noticeable twist in this story. Whereas Bruce Banner always carried the Hulk as a curse and an eternal burden that isolated him from humanity, Cho is looking at the Hulk as a blessing. It grants him the strength that he's never had and gives him the physical power to help others. Cho doesn't think the Hulk is a curse. Cho thinks the Hulk is cool and aside from maybe a few stories with Rick Jones, there has never been a story written with that kind of outlook. Now imagine Cho's Hulk in Marvel Heroes, with his slicked-back hair, board shorts, and positive take on the monster. He could be a truly fun addition to the roster and a nice alternate take on Big Green.

Kitty Pryde as Star-Lady

Just a week ago, Marvel Heroes 2015 added Kitty Pryde as the game's newest playable character. But in the All-New, All-Different Marvel, the character is about to go in something of a different direction. She's about to become the new Star-Lord.

With Peter Quill staying behind on Spartax as its newly-elected king, that leaves his new wife Kitty to adventure across the galaxy as Star-Lady, joining a motley (well, motlier) version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. So why not give her a new costume that touches on these new books? Or even offer up the Kitty Pryde Star-Lord as a potential team-up character that utilizes a new move set? The X-Men have been no strangers to the galactic side of the Marvel Universe and it'd be fun to touch on that with a few nods to Kitty's newest team.

Ultimate Reed Richards

The Fantastic Four's Reed Richards is one of the smartest humans alive, but in the Ultimate Universe, he's still a young man that's growing into the genius he'll eventually become. But over the years, this character took a major turn. He grew disenchanted with his home world, faking his death and arranging for an alien invasion to descend upon Earth. He turned against his friends, nearly killing many of them, including Sue Storm. His machinations would put him at odds with the rest of the Ultimate Universe's heroes, with his goal to reshape the world in his own image. This Reed Richards was no hero.

The reason this version of Reed comes up is because he's set to pop up in the pages of the rebooted New Avengers as the team's first major antagonist. This entry isn't so much to suggest that Ultimate Reed should be playable, but rather to suggest that he eventually come to Marvel Heroes as part of a new storyline. The idea of Marvel's greatest heroes coming together to take on an alternate version of one of their own is an intruging prospect and even makes sense from a playable villain's perspective. Imagine the glee Doctor Doom would get from finally getting to take out Richards, even if it isn't necessarily his own? Ultimate Reed has the potential to be a formidable foe and the hope is that Marvel Heroes players will someday get to see that for themselves.

Any suggestions for what should come to Marvel Heroes from the All-New, All-Different Marvel? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.

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