Darkest Dungeon 'The Cove' video impressions: Under the Sea

The newest expansion for Darkest Dungeon, titled The Cove, has been released. So our resident Darkest Dungeon enthusiast, Shacknews Showcase's Andrew Zucosky, is diving in head-first and offering his impressions of the game's latest content.


Darkest Dungeon remains a part of Shacknews' regular gaming rotation, so Red Hook Studios' expansion, The Cove, has been on our radars for quite some time. Now that it's been released, Shacknews Showcase's Andrew Zucosky is giving it a look and offering up his impressions.

The Cove offers up some notable changes, which includes a roster increased, trinket adjustments, streamlined combat, and some new narrator lines. But the expansion's main selling point involves exploring a new dungeon region, filled with new enemies and a pair of new bosses.

Watch Andrew's full impressions in the video below. For more, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube.

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