Marvel Heroes 2015 phases in Kitty Pryde today

Marvel Heroes 2015's latest update welcomes in one of the hearts of the X-Men team and Star-Lord's current fiancee, Kitty Pryde. And yes, her dragon is also included.


One of the things promised by developer Gazillion during its PAX Prime panel earlier this year was the Marvel Heroes 2015 debut of Kitty Pryde. That time has come, as Kitty is now playable as of this morning's update.

Kitty Pryde is a Physical/Energy-based hero, who works mostly as a melee fighter. That's because of her ability to phase through solid objects. Of course, since she has her trusted pet mini-dragon Lockheed nearby, she's still good for some ranged damage. Her abilities include Phasing, which give her attacks that pull enemies through the ground or allows her to pass directly through them before laying them out. There are the aforementioned Lockheed attacks, which enhance the little dragon's firepower. And there's also Ninjutsu, which takes advantage o the training Kitty received from Wolverine and utilizes a variety of katana attacks. She'll have two available costumes: her default Astonishing X-Men costume and her Excalibur costume, from when she briefly spent time with that team.

For those unversed in who Kitty Pryde is, she is also known as Shadowcat, a mutant with the ability to phase through solid (or even organic) matter. She's largely considered the heart of the core X-Men team, one that maintains a simultaneous sense of innocence and sassiness. She was linked to Colossus for many years before that relationship ultimately dissolved and now finds herself in space, of all places, where she's currently engaged to Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy).

Today's update also adds mutant Sunspot to the Team-Up roster. The mutant (also known as Roberto da Costa) can absorb solar energy and channel it to deliver intense heat to his foes. Meanwhile, the Black Panther is the latest hero to undergo a review and all of his unique items, except for Wakandan Ceremonial Necklace, have been reworked. His Unseen Predator critical rating buff is also getting boosted.

Catch the full details on today's update over on the Marvel Heroes forums.

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