Chattycast 64: Holding Out for a Hero

The Chattycast crew turns its Big Topic question to one of the broadest ones of all: what makes a good hero? 


As the fall video game season ramps up, we're going to be spending more and more time with some of our favorite heroes--Master Chief, Lara Croft, some unnamed rando who wandered out of a wasteland vault. So we got to thinking: what makes these characters interesting? What makes a good hero? 

This week, the Chattycast takes a closer look at heroes in games. What makes a compelling hero? Do you prefer a personal avatar, or a fully-formed character? What makes a hero compelling and iconic? Is it enough to like these characters, or do they need to be aspirational fantasies as well? Who are some of your favorite heroes, and why? All that plus Newsybits, Beat the Doc, and more! 

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