Street Fighter 5 welcomes Zangief back with new trailer

Just because he's bad guy, does not mean he's 'bad guy.' In fact, Zangief looks pretty good in this latest trailer for Street Fighter V, showing off his wrestling arsenal and his ability to absorb punishment.


Arguably, no Street Fighter character has seen his stock rise more over the past couple of years than Zangief. Between getting some top-level tournament play from competitors like Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis and appearing in a memorable cameo role in Wreck-It Ralph, there's never been a better time for the Russian bear. And given that Street Fighter V is seeing its fair share of grapplers, it only makes sense that the best among them be the next returning character.

Capcom confirmed Zangief's return earlier today with a new trailer. He can be found delivering some of his signature moves, like the spinning pile driver and other hard-hitting wrestling moves. He even appears to bring in some aspects of his Ultra Street Fighter IV character into the arena, as he can be seen absorbing hits Red Focus-style before delivering a world of hurt with unstoppable tornado lariats and a devastating back suplex.

Street Fighter V is still set to get a cross-play beta across PlayStation 4 and PC in the near future. Look for the game to release on both of those platforms in Spring 2016.

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