New Dragon Quest Heroes gameplay trailer introduces Heroes, upgrades, and more

King Doric narrates Dragon Quest Heroes' new gameplay trailer, which introduces us to all twelve Heroes and sheds some light on how characters can improve themselves for battle.


Square Enix has released a new overview trailer for its upcoming action-RPG, Dragon Quest Heroes.

The new Dragon Quest Heroes is narrated by King Doric who introduces all twelve playable characters. Players will need to choose a party of four heroes, each of which have their own unique abilities. In addition to these heroes, players can summon monsters to fight alongside them through the use of Monster Medals.

As players make their way through the game, the monsters will become increasingly more difficult. Players will need to upgrade their gear, like weapons, shields, orbs, and accessories. Heroes also have unlockable talents that can be accessed through the use of skill points. These talents offer a variety of improvements, like extending the range of attacks or making a new, devastating available.

Dragon Quest Heroes is scheduled to release on October 13 on the PlayStation 4.

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