Destiny: The Taken King - All 50 Calcified Fragment Locations

Locate all 50 Calcified Fragments and unlock the Grimoire, and Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle.


The Taken King has been a game-changer for Destiny players, and one of the several changes added to the game include Bungie’s newest rendition of the expertly hidden Dead Ghosts. These new Dead Ghosts, however, aren’t Ghosts at all, and can only be found on Oryx’s Dreadnaught, giving the notion that they are from somewhere outside of our solar system. Gathering just one Calcified Fragment will unlock the quest, A Shattered Past, where Eris Morn will request that you find five more Fragments and unlock a special hidden questline to pick up the Exotic Scout Rifle, Touch of Malice.This guide will help you track down each and every Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 01: Mausoleum – Starting at the Hull Breach entrance, head forward and down into the small ravine with Cabal and Hive fighting. Proceed through here until you reach the next area of the Dreadnaught. Now you’ll want to turn right out of the door, and make your way around the corner to the platform overlooking the massive line of light on the far wall. You might recognize this as they area where you must complete the jumping puzzle for the Scent of the Worm chest, however, this time you will be jumping out to the platform ahead of you on the right side of the room. Pull out your Ghost and wait for the platforms to outline before jumping forward. From here you’ll need to check the wall near the back edge of the platform for the first Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 02: Mausoleum – Starting at the Hull Breach, make your way through the ravine to the right of the wrecked Cabal ship. This will lead you to the Mausoleum. Once you arrive, make your way to the other side of the room and locate the several various doorways along the wall. You’ll need to head inside the doorway just past the entrance to the Founts. This will lead you to a side room. Now turn left inside the room, and locate the massive Worm tank ahead. Climb behind the tank to find the next Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 03: Mausoleum – Beginning at the Dreadnaught’s Patrol spawn, head forward through the ravine just to the right of the wrecked Cabal ship in the Hull Breach. This will lead you to the Mausoleum, where you’ll want to make a beeline for a door at the bottom of a set of stairs on the opposite side of the room. Head inside the side room, and turn left toward a small hole in the wall. This will lead you to another smaller room, where you can jump onto a ledge, and grab this Calcified Fragment behind a group of crystals to the right.

Calcified Fragment 04: Mausoleum – Head through the ravine to the right of the Cabal ship in the Hull Breach, and make your way to the Mausoleum. Once you arrive, turn left from the entrance and make your way around the wreckage on the left side of the room. You should spot a small beam to the left, under the Cabal’s ship, and you can snag another Calcified Fragment by hopping up on the beam.

Calcified Fragment 05: Hull Breach – Make your way through the ravine that leads from the Hull Breach to the Mausoleum, and continue through the passageway until you spot a flashing light on the left-hand side. Beneath this light you should also spot a large metal grating, that when investigated more closely will reveal a hidden Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 06: Hull Breach – From the Dreadnaught starting point move forward towards the path that takes you to the Mausoleum, and locate the green boxes to the right of the tunnel. Just a bit further to the right you should spot a small doorway underneath a ledge. Head inside, and turn left to locate a smaller passageway. Crawl inside and move forward into another even small tunnel. Take the first left in the tunnel just past a crystal, and pass by the Hive worms wriggling on the ground. This will lead to another tunnel, which will eventually empty into a small chamber with a canister to the right. Move ot the far wall near the base of the pillar on the left to find this next Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 07: Hull Breach – Once you land at the spawn point, move forward and drop down to the lower section on the left surrounded by busted metal beams. There will be a door below the spawn point where you will see a light on the left side. Push it and you will see a Fragment to the left.

Calcified Fragment 08: Hull Breach – At the spawn point, you will see a set of busted platforms for you to jump on. Climb to the top of the ledges and you will find the Fragment on the second to last layer, on the opposite side of where you started.

Calcified Fragment 09: Hull Breach – Head out for the wrecked Skyburners’ ship and search around the two docking support legs. Both will have a pile of debris in front of them. Search the pile on the right, which will hold the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 10: Hall of Souls – Facing the Court of Oryx, run straight across the poisoned floor and turn right and jump right away onto platform on the right then hop up onto the second one. Turn to the left through a doorway and crawl through a tunnel to get by. Keep going through the second tunnel and take the first left. Search behind a pile of crystals to reveal the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 11: Hall of Souls – Facing the Court of Oryx, do a 180 degree turn and head toward the ritual room. Take the exit on the left and head toward a large drop off. Use Ghost to spot a platform up to the right. Climb across and continue on the newly revealed section and search the left wall fragment by a nearby panel.

Calcified Fragment 12: Hall of Souls – Head back to the ritual room. Take the right exit this time and keep going down the path curving right until you hit a room with square columns. Hop across the columns in the room and search the walls until you come across a small gap holding the Fragment. Jump into it when you find it.

Calcified Fragment 13: Hall of Souls – Running toward the Court of Oryx, cross the poisoned floor and take a sharp right turn. Look for a column across the gap. You should be able to see the Fragment from the platform. Grab the Fragment while you are on the column.

Calcified Fragment 14: Trenchway – Head through the door you went through the first time you visited the Dreadnaught. Use Ghost to reveal some invisible platforms to cross an abyss. Take the tunnel on the right and crouch, passing two small openings. Before the last tunnel on the left to head out of the area, look for some square columns and you will find the next Fragment beneath one of them.

Calcified Fragment 15: Trenchway – Pass through the same door you did for the last Fragment and keep going until you reach the abyss. Get across and take the path on the right, but don’t go through the small opening. Instead, go all the way down the path to the righto the end of the first corridor. You should pass some worms that you had scanned earlier. Look for some columns on the right side and you will find the next Fragment in between the columns.

Calcified Fragment 16: Trenchway – From where you start at the Trenchway, look to your left and down to find a growth of some sort on a sloping wall. You will find the Fragment on wall to the left.

Calcified Fragment 17: Trenchway – Starting where you land in Trenchway, look to your left to find a little orb of light that will be dashing down a hall attempting to lead you to the next location. Ignore it and walk forward instead to the end of the starting area. You will find a hallway on the right, which will be a dead end. Head to the end of the hall and search the left side of the tunnel to find your next Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 18: Trenchway – This Fragment is located in the Trenchway, but can only be obtained during the Regicide mission. After defeating the two Taken bosses in this mission, you will head through a second Rupture that will lead you to the Trenchway. You will see a huge, elaborate door on the other side of the chasm. Cross the gap with the stone bridge. Search the section on the left side of the door and find your next Fragment on the far left side of the wall.

Calcified Fragment 19: Trenchway – From where you start, cross the gap, taking the hidden bridge, and keep to your right. Don’t go through the door for the mission, but use your Ghost to look for another hidden bridge to the right of the doorway. Hop on the bridge and continue toward a platform that leads to a dark corridor. Clear the Thrall that are inside and search inside a small alcove on the right side to find the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 20: Trenchway – Head to where the hidden bridge is located and cross it to the other side. Once you’re on the other side, head to the left instead of going to the right of the archway. Walk toward the end of the walkway and keep your Ghost out to show another bridge leading back across the chasm to the left. Jump onto it and keep going until you reach one last invisible platform that leads to a dark passage. Inside you will see a Fragment along the left side of the wall.

Calcified Fragment 21: The Founts – Select the Patrol option on your map and head to for the Hull Breach. You will have to navigate through the Mausoleum to get to this next Fragment. Head to the archway to the right of the Cabal ship thrusters and keep going through the passage until you hit the Mausoleum. Journey through the Mausoleum while you keep to the left side. Find the doorway close to a large beam of light. You should find it to the right of a hexagonally shaped door, fairly close to where you found the second Fragment. Go through the door and head down a hall on the right side. You’ll find the Fragment just past the metal gate at the end of the hall.

Calcified Fragment 22: The Founts – Follow the same steps to get to Fragment 21 to get to this one. Once you reach where you found the last Fragment, turn left. Once, you are inside the next area, look up toward the right to find the next collectible. Hop on some platforms that will be nearby to reach it.

Calcified Fragment 23: The Founts – Follow the exact steps you took to get to Fragment 22. Once you get back to the area you entered to find the last Fragment, continue down the corridor on the left and drop down the hole to a lower level. Keep going forward and toward the right. The Fragment is across the room on the far left side. You will see two crates in the corner to left of a wall in the room. Shoot the crates to reveal the next Fragment.

Calcified Fragment 24: Regicide – You’ll find this collectible during the Regicide mission. Once you get through a bit of the mission, you will go through the first portal. This will take you to the Asylum. The chamber will have two platforms on each side and a large door in the center. From the entrance, take a couple steps down the staircase to your left and look over toward a metal support beam. You’ll find the Fragment at the end of the beam, where it is connecting to the far wall.

Calcified Fragment 25: Regicide – You’ll find this Fragment in the Regicide mission also. Follow the same way you took for the last Fragment, but keep going down the stairs from earlier until you see a drop off. Bring your Ghost out to scan the chasm and find a hidden bridge near the bottom of the gap. Drop down from the stairs and onto the nearest bridge piece and hop onto the next piece. Turn toward the main area and you will see the Fragment on another platform. Jump on it and collect the next piece.

We'll be adding more Calcified Fragments as we find them, so be sure to check back for updates often. Looking for more Destiny content? Head on over to our Destiny: The Taken King walkthrough for more information on quests, bounties, and other hidden things in The Taken King.

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