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Monster Hunter Stories anime adaptation announced for 2016

Capcom's Monster Hunter Stories is going beyond video games as an anime will air some time next year.


Fuji TV has announced it will air an anime adaptation of Capcom’s upcoming RPG, Monster Hunter Stories, in 2016.

Monster Hunter Stories will be the first anime based on Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series, and while we don’t know any specifics regarding the anime, we at least know more about the world both the show and game.

Monster Hunter Stories will feature monster riders who deepen their connections with monsters, instead of hunting them like in the standard Monster Hunter series. The protagonist posses a Connection Stone which helps awaken the powers of monsters, and also helps in deepening his connection with them.

The story will begin in a village filled with monster riders who live far away from monster hunters. The protagonist goes on an adventure and enters the hunter society, where he learns to live with hunters who see monsters differently than he does. The bond between riders and monsters will play an important role in Monster Hunter Stories, which certainly is a departure from hunting them to earn resources and complete missions.

If you're getting a sense of Pokemon, you're not alone. We get the feeling Capcom is using its popular Monster Hunter series to gain a much younger audience with Monster Hunter Stories. Hopefully it will be able to deliver a compelling enough world and story.

[Via Fuji TV]

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