New Overwatch trailer introduces us to The Junkers

Blizzard has introduced us to two new characters we can expect to play as in Overwatch called The Junkers. The group consists of two characters who want nothing more than to blow up everything and kill everyone in their path.


Blizzard Entertainment has released a new trailer for its coming free-to-play team-based shooter, Overwatch. Today’s trailer takes a look at two new characters known as The Junkers.

The Junkers consists of two criminals: Jamison Fawkes and Mako Nutledge, a.k.a. Junkrat and Roadhog. Both have caused untold millions in property damage around the world with Junkrat obsessed with explosives, while Roadhog is an outright killer. Both characters are considered extremely dangerous criminals and have a bounty of $25m on their heads.

Whether or not Junkrat and Roadhog are two separate characters or two characters a single player can control is still unknown at this time. But one thing is for sure, if we see either Junkrat or Roadhog in Overwatch, we’re going to have to lay low while they perform unspeakable acts to other players and the environment.

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