Noct begins its fight for survival in October

Indie developer CS3K is teaming with Devolver Digital for a new top-down survival experience, one taking place under the view of a thermal satellite.


With October signaling the time of horror, more developers are getting into the dark atmosphere of the season. Indie developer C3SK is teaming up with publisher Devolver Digital to tell its uneasy tale of nightmarish surival with a game called Noct.

Noct is a top-down multiplayer surival game, in which players roam across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fighting off hellish monsters and just trying to survive long enough to see another day. The twist here is that the entire game is played with the overhead perspective of a thermal satellite, giving it a unique visual look. Players can team up with fellow survivors to explore and help ward off the terrible beasts that threaten to disembowel them, but as is common with this type of survival game, it is entirely possible to turn on your teammates and leave them for dead at a moment's notice.

Noct's dreary visuals will be accompanied by a haunting soundtrack, composed by Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck and artist Worldclock. Look for the survival horror game to hit PC on October 22, with hands-on time available at this weekend's TwitchCon.

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