Metal Gear Online trailer shows off 'Bounty' system and adorable plush snare

Metal Gear Online debuted a new trailer today that went into detail about class selection, one of the game modes, and a few bells and whistles that make it more than a typical deathmatch.


Metal Gear Online is coming to MGS5 on October 6, and a new trailer shows off some of the unique features that go into a typical match.

The trailer starts off by showing character customization and specializations. You can play as an Enforcer equipped with heavy weaponry, a Scout who keeps their distance and snipes enemies, or an Infiltrator with steal camo. The main game mode is called Bounty Hunter, and at first glance it would seem to be a typical deathmatch. MGO introduces a few wrinkles, however.

Each team has a set number of tickets, and if you're taken out your team's ticket total goes down. Whichever team drops to 0 or has a lower count at the end of the match loses. "Bounty Points" are added as you defeat enemies, though, and fultoning an enemy gets their bounty added to your total number of tickets. That means if you see an enemy with a high bounty value, you'll want to disarm them without killing them so you can get those points. 

The trailer also shows off a few other bells and whistles, like the fulton cannon, a wormhole teleportation device, and a buddy system that lets you see friendly sightlines. There's even a "plush snare" that protects from sniper fire, since any Scout who sees it will be overwhelmed by how adorable it is and stunned for a few seconds. Finally, the trailer ends with an appearance from Big Boss himself, who will be playable alongside the previously announced Ocelot.

Metal Gear Online will be offered as a free update on October 6.

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