Chattycast 62: Feels Like the First Time

As The Taken King and Destiny 2.0 revive the year-old game, the Chattycast spends its Big Topic this week on revisiting lapsed games. What tempts us back, and what can developers do to encourage extended play? 


The launch of The Taken King alongside the bevy of improvements introduced by Destiny 2.0 means plenty of lapsed fans are revisiting Bungie's MMO shooter for the first time in months. In an era in which our industry seems to move on to the next big thing at lightning pace, going back to a game that's a year old is almost unheard of.

This week, the Chattycast pays a visit to the topic of revisiting lapsed games. What tempts us back after we've been gone? Do we need downloadable content, or will something as simple as a fresh playthrough or new story choices work? Are gaming schedules too overloaded to go back to a game we've already finished? What does the future hold for games that update regularly to keep the community engaged?

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