Dragon Quest Heroes will launch with free DLC

Square Enix has revealed Dragon Quest Heroes will launch with free downloadable content, which includes additional episodes that tasks players with defeating a number of iconic bosses.


Square Enix has announced all downloadable content for Dragon Quest Heroes will be available for free when it releases on October 13.

All downloadable content that’s been released in Japan will become available after completing certain portions of its main story. The majority of the DLC episodes will make themselves available once you defeat King Hydra, all of which are included on the disc itself instead of being separate downloads.

The downloadable content will unlock additional episodes that will allow players to take on bosses from various Dragon Quest titles. Others will unlock new costumes for your party and additional playable characters.

With the release of Dragon Quest Heroes under a month away, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what Koei Tecmo can do with the legendary series. After experiencing Hyrule Warriors last year, we have nothing but high hopes for this action RPG.

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