Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet bug fixed on PC and PS4; other platforms 'coming soon'

Konami has revealed a fix for its Quiet bug has been released on both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Unfortunately, no word on when the other platforms will be getting their patches.


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain fans can breathe a sigh of relief today as Konami has fixed a major bug that involved the use of Quiet during certain missions.

The “Quiet bug” fix has been implemented on the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, with remaining platforms expected to follow soon. When exactly that will happen has yet to be revealed, but it’s reassuring to know Konami is currently working on it.

Quiet appears to be one of the most popular companions to use in MGS 5: TPP, which makes this particular bug that much more devastating. Konami revealed the bug would activate if Quiet was used in select missions, which would lead to a user’s save file to become corrupt and unusable.

If you’re playing a version of the game that has yet to be fixed, be sure to avoid Quiet in Mission 29 and Mission 42.

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