Castle Crashers Remastered charges onto Xbox One next week

The upgraded version of the Xbox Live Arcade hit, Castle Crashers Remastered, now has a release date on Xbox One. And Xbox Live Gold members that have the original game may want to pay attention, because The Behemoth has something special for those users.


It's hard to imagine anyone missing out on the original beat-'em-up joy provided by Castle Crashers, one of the most recognizable Xbox Live Arcade games of the previous console generation. But back at E3 2015, The Behemoth did announced that Castle Crashers Remastered was in the works. And now, it has a release date.

The Xbox One version will arrive on September 9, according to The Behemoth's website. This will be the version of the game that features full 1080p visuals, 60fps, online performance upgrades, and the new Back Off Barbarian mode.

While Castle Crashers Remastered will come with a $14.99 price tag, those that purchased the original Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 can pick up the game for free. There are a few caveats, though. This offer is only open to Xbox Live Gold members and it's only good until September 20. Beyond that date, Xbox Live Gold members that own the original Castle Crashers will be able to pick it up for $5.

For those that would still rather not make the plunge, The Behemoth also pointed out that the original Castle Crashers is in line to hit the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility lineup at some point in the future. Just bear in mind that it will not come with any of the extra bells and whistles that are contained in the remaster. A PC version of Castle Crashers Remastered is also coming soon, but no date has been given at this time.

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