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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain: All the Blueprint Locations

Pick up every Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain blueprint to gain the ultimate edge in combat. 


You can acquire new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain equipment and upgrades by collecting all the blueprints. They can be found in some of the game's large maps or by completing specific dispatch missions. 

AM MRS-71 Rifle

This sniper rifle blueprint can be acquired by sending soldiers on the "Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft" dispatch mission.

Antitheft Device

Keep an eye out for this device while playing the Side-Op 8 mission in Masa Village.

Bambetov SV Upgrade

Upgrade the Bambetov SV sniper rifle to grade 4 with this blueprint. You can find it at the Afghanistan Central Base Camp, located in the northernmost area of the map. The blueprint is located inside a bunker on the east end of the camp. However, it will go into lockdown if you raise the alarm and will remain inaccessible until you restart the mission.

Brennan LRS-46

You'll come across this blueprint in the Lufwa Valley, midway through Mission 23

Bullhorn SG

You can pick up this shotgun by sending your soldiers to the "Prevent the Coup d’etat" dispatch mission.


The blueprint for this handy rocket launcher can be acquired by completing the "Liberate the Tanker" dispatch mission.

The Flamethrower can be found in Munoko ya Nioka Station during Mission 31.

G44 Upgrade

Upgrade the G44 assault rifle to grade 3 with this blueprint. It can be found in the Ditadi Abandoned Village in central Angola, which you'll pass through during Mission 15: Footprints of Phantoms. Head to the eastern part of the area and look for the blueprint in a tent with a large blackboard and some photos.

Geist P3 Upgrade

This blueprint upgrades the Geist P3 handgun to grade 3. Send soldiers to the "Break through the Blockade" dispatch mission. The mission is rated E, so it shouldn't take much to complete it.

Gun-CAM Defender

You'll find this device in the Nova Braga Airport while playing Side-Op 9.

Hail MGR-4

You'll be rewarded with this grenade launcher blueprint after you complete the "Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges" dispatch mission.


You can find the infrared sensor while playing Side-Op 7.

Isando RGL-220

Go to the Nova Braga Airport's South Guard Post, where the grenade launcher blueprint is located.


The Kabarga-83 blueprint can be found at the Mfinda Oilfield.


You can acquire the blueprints for this machine gun by completing the "Recapture the Port Facilities" dispatch mission.

Macht 37 Submachine Gun

There are two ways to get the Macht 37 blueprints. You can either destroy the gunship in Mission 21, or head to the Kungenga Mine in Mission 22 to find it.

PB Shield

Head to the Aabe Shifap Ruins in Afghanistan and go eastward from there on the main road until you reach a small village. The blueprints are in the house closest to the road.

Riot SMG

This submachine gun blueprint is in the Wiao Village, which you'll visit during the 5th Side-Ops mission. It can be picked up off a table in the prison, after making your way past a few locked doors.

Stun Arm

Pick up this augment by finishing Side-Ops Mission 6.

Stun Grenade

Look for the Stun Grenade blueprint in Kiziba Camp, Angola. It's located between the Mfinda Oilfields and Ditadi Abandoned Village, which you'll visit during Mission 14. The blueprint is inside a hut, located in the middle of the camp, on a shelf above the communications equipment.


The UA-Drone blueprint can be acquired by finishing Side-Op 10 in the Afghanistan Central Base Camp.


Get the UN-AAM blueprint by going to the Kiziba Camp's Northwest Guard Post.

UN-ARC Upgrade

This blueprint upgrades the UN-ARC assault rifle to grade 2. It can be found in the western parts of Afghanistan at the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. The blueprint is inside one of the rooms, laying on a table amid a couple of couches.

URAGAN-5 Upgrade

Head over to the Bampeve Plantation in Mission 16 to pick up this upgrade.

WU S333 Upgrade

You'll get the WU S333 handgun upgrade by completing the "Restore the DMZ" dispatch mission. It's rated E, so it should be an easy task.

Ze’ev Submachine Gun

The Ze’ev Submachine Gun blueprint can be had by completing the "Search and Destroy" dispatch mission.


Finish the "Defend the Pipeline" to acquire the ZORK-KP blueprint.

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