Killing Floor 2 Incinerate 'N Detonate update now available; goes free on Steam this weekend

Tripwire Interactive has launched the long-awaited Incinerate 'N Detonate free content pack for Killing Floor 2. That's not all as the studio has announced the game will be going free on Steam this weekend.


Tripwire Interactive has officially released the long-awaited Incinerate ‘N Detonate free content pack for Killing Floor 2.

The pack adds 50% more content than what was previously available for Killing Floor 2. The main highlight of this pack is the inclusion of two new perks: Firebug and Demolitions. Both Firebug and Demolitions have their own brand of deadly weapons and grenades that can easily make them a Zed’s worst nightmare. There’s also additional new weapons to wield, such as the Dual 9mm Pistols.

Today’s update also includes two new maps that introduce players to different types of gameplay tactics. The underground Catacombs map will have players looking around each dark corner as there could be Zeds lurking while the Evacuation Point map requires a tight strategy in order to survive.

Tripwire Interactive also made some improvements to the Berserker Skill Tree, an after-action report, new Zed hit zones, Steam Workshop functionality, and more.

To celebrate today’s launch, Killing Floor 2 will be available to play for free this weekend from September 3rd to September 6th. During the free weekend, the game will be on sale for 33% off of its $29.99 price.

We had the chance to check out the Incinerate 'N Detonate pack prior to its launch, and we really liked the additions Tripwire made to the game. Be sure to read our impressions while you're downloading it.

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