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Mirrativ is a new Android livestreaming app from DeNA that broadcasts whatever is on-screen

DeNA has had a busy year in the world of mobile development and its latest app is a potential game-changer, as Android users will be able to livestream and broadcast whatever is on their device's screen.


With livestreaming becoming more and more of a phenomenon, publisher DeNA has decided to take a leap into the mobile side of this technology by announcing a new Android app called Mirrativ. This app appears to take the idea live streaming and broadcasting to their limits, as users will be able to broadcast anything that's currently on their smartphone screen.

While Mirrativ can theoretically be used for social media or game broadcasts, it goes a step further by simply broadcasting whatever is present on-screen without any further hardware requirements. Users can add their voices or faces to the stream through the app's options, if they wish. The idea is to open the app on either an Android phone or tablet while the app mirrors whatever content is on the screen.

DeNA is pointing to the various applications that such an app could employ, including sharing mobile gaming tips and tricks, as well as social media interaction and personalized experiences. There are clearly a lot of questions as to how an app such as this can work, especially in regards to potential piracy concerns. A special test period will run from now through 8PM PT tonight, at which point DeNA will cite all necessary data and come back with future testing periods.

Mirrativ adds to what's been a busy year for DeNA, with the company announcing plans to work with Nintendo earlier this year on a future smartphone gaming initiative. Look for the app to also come to iOS in the future. For more, visit the app's website or find it on Google Play.

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