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ARK: Survival Evolved free this weekend on Steam; win a free copy just for playing

Studio Wildcard has announced ARK: Survival Evolved is now having a free weekend on Steam. Those who play this weekend can also earn a free copy of the


Studio Wildcard has announced ARK: Survival Evolved is now having a free weekend on Steam.

The free weekend started today at 10am PT and will last through Sunday, August 30 at 1pm PT. During that time, the game will be available for all Steam users to play for free as players will be able to join hundreds of new official servers.

The new servers will feature a one-time-only “Extinction Event” meteor impact, as well as special items to find randomly in Supply Crates. Taking the Strange Artifacts will net the player a Steam code for 50% off of ARK: Survival Evolved, or in some cases, a free copy. But players need to be careful as other players can kill you to take your precious codes away for their own use.

Studio Wildcard will also be holding a special event on Saturday. Starting at 6am ET, the “Unnatural Selection” tournament will begin where players battle in a 4-player tribe against hundreds of other players for a chance to ride the Dragon and cash prizes. The tournament will last until Monday at 11pm ET with the winning team splitting $20,000 four ways.

Regardless if you want to partake in this weekend’s tournament or not, we recommend you check out ARK: Survival Evolved some time this weekend. We’ve been enjoying it a great deal here at the office, although you might want to read our How to Tame a Dinosaur guide since it isn’t very apparent when you start playing.

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