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Hand of Fate sequel is currently in development

Defiant Development's founder has revealed a sequel to its card-based RPG, Hand of Fate, is in development.


Defiant Development has revealed a sequel to its card-based RPG, Hand of Fate, is currently in development.

In an interview with Six Months Later Gaming, founder and creative director of Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit, announced the sequel to Hand of Fate will consider feedback the original game received from players. “What we've done now is we've taken all of the feedback that we've gotten along the way, good, bad and ugly, and rolled that in and we're starting work on a sequel, so that's where most of our focus is now,” Jaffit says.

Hand of Fate players shouldn’t expect support from the developer to stop in light of today’s news. “We've got some patches and drops still coming for Hand of Fate but no big substantial bit of content and part of that is because the stuff we wanted to do we could only do justice to by reaching in and building it out for a sequel,” Jaffit said in the interview.

Considering the original Hand of Fate barely made its Kickstarter goal, we don’t blame you for thinking a sequel was off the cards. But Jaffit reveals the game has earned enough in order to justify a sequel.

Hand of Fate was an interesting mix of card and role-playing game that kept us entertained for up until later parts of the game, where it was downright brutal. We hope the sequel won’t have such a steep spike in its difficulty as we’d really like to finish what we start the next time around.

[Via Six Months Later Gaming]

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