Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, coming to Wii U in 2016

Pokken Tournament will finally give Pokemon fans the game they've been wanting for years. A full-fledged Pokemon fighting game!


The Pokemon Company has announced it will be bringing its Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, to the Wii U in spring 2016.

The announcement was made during a presentation at this year’s Pokemon World Championships taking place in Boston. The presentation revealed a new fighter would be available to fight as, Pikachu Libre.

Prior to this announcement, Pokken Tournament was only available in arcades in Japan. Just like the arcade version, the game will be developed by Bandai Namco.

Today's news comes a month after we learned the game would be coming to the U.S. for location tests. The senior VP for Dave & Busters, Kevin Bachus, said "Both NAMCO and I are more optimistic about that title and our typical guests than Tekken."

Pokken Tournament coming to the Wii U is great news considering the positive feedback Pokemon fans have given the game since it was revealed. Pokemon fans have been wanting a full-fledged Pokemon fighting game for years, and it looks like we’re finally getting it next spring.

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