Super Mario Maker video highlights how we'll unlock tools, inject music, and more

A new Super Mario Maker video was released today that highlights a number of features we can expect from the game, including how we'll unlock additional tools.


We’re just a little under a month from the release of Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, and today, Nintendo has released a new video for the game that summarizes key game features.

The Super Mario Maker overview video shows off the game’s new sound effects and music block customization options. Players can create their own sound effects with some sounds even able to create some visual elements. After creating a Note Block, transforming it into a Music Block is done by simply shaking it. When Music Blocks are activated, it will play a note based on its height, which allows players to arrange songs of all types.

The video also covers how the game eases players into building stages by unlocking certain elements as the days go by. All players will need to do is spend at least five minutes within Super Mario Maker’s creation mode, and you’ll be primed to receive a new set of tools the following day.

Check out the video to learn what else we should expect in Super Mario Maker, which includes the number of course themes, the different game types you can create and play in, and more.

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