Hearthstone 'Grand Tournament' introduces Jousting minions

All that jousting during the original Hearthstone: Grand Tournament trailer wasn't just for show, as it turns out. Get ready to joust as part of the expansion's all-new mechanic, introduced during Gamescom 2015.


Blizzard has already made clear that Hearthstone's upcoming Grand Tournament expansion would feature some new twists. If you thought that feature was restricted only to the new "Inspire" effect, it turns out there's more.

During a private media briefing this morning, Blizzard revealed the new "Jousting" mechanic. Select minions will prompt both players to draw a card in a manner closer to the card game, War. If the minion's player draws a higher mana value, that minion's effect will kick in. Which minions will take advantage of this? Hearthstone's Twitter account has helpfully explained this.

Look for a full breakdown on Jousting minions later this week when Shacknews continues with our ongoing Inspired series.

But that's not all. A new Battle.net entry adds that additional incentives will be added for those that achieve a high ranking in Ranked Play in the form of rewards, which can include new card packs and arcane dust. This new initiative is set to kick in later this month.

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