Rising Thunder technical alpha update issues fixes and adds variants

Radiant Entertainment did not take long to offer the first update for Rising Thunder's technical alpha, offering a good amount of fixes and some new variant moves to check out.


The Rising Thunder technical alpha kicked off last week and the team at Radiant Entertainment has already issued its first patch. On top of fixing some major issues and some netcode troubles, the new update has also added a few new items.

Those items come in the form of a pair of new special move variants. Edge will get a new Binary Flux, in which he can deploy a double projectile that powers up his S2 special. Meanwhile, Chel gets the new Stinging Wind move, which is advancing attack that starts up quickly with a quick recovery.

The full patch notes can be found below, couresty of the Rising Thunder forums:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed one major disconnect issue. You should no longer see the "Waiting..." message after the first game in a match.
  • Computers with slow load times should no longer display an odd camera angle and "Waiting..." message when loading is complete.
  • Improved performance during normal gameplay and rollbacks.
  • Change Character and Change Loadout buttons are now disabled while searching for a match.
  • Fixed desync with multiple hit volume overlaps.
  • Fixed issue where some moves were not properly dizzying opponents.
  • Fixed combo counter malfunction that sometimes permanently maxed out the juggle limit.
  • Fixed a bug where some moves were not triggering proper knockback after block damage KO.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Talos from falling gradually after wall bounce.
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to get stuck beyond screen boundaries after using Kinetic Deflect against a cornered opponent.

New Special Move Variants

  • Edge's Binary Flux (S1v2) is a new double-projectile which powers up his S2!
  • Chel's Stinging Wind (S3v2) is a new advancing attack with faster startup and recovery!

Character Updates

  • Extended hurt-boxes on some moves to better match their active hitboxes:
  • Chel's c.M, c.H, and F+M
  • Crow's far s.H
  • Edge's far s.M, far s.H, c.L, and c.M
  • Standardized block pushback caused by normal sweep attacks:
  • Chel's c.H, Edge's c.H, Talos' c.H, and Vlad's c.H
  • Corrected an issue that gave the first hit of Chel's F+H and Edge's close s.H -> H an extra frame of hit stun.
  • Chel's Overdrive damage has been reduced from 275 to 250.
  • Edge's Overdrive damage has been reduced from 300 to 275.
  • Edge's Gathering Storm (S1v1) recovery has been increased slightly.
  • Edge's Relentless Pursuit (S3) behaves more intuitively after passing under a jumping opponent and stops automatically when reaching a wall.
  • Talos' crouching Light attack startup has been reduced by 1 frame.
  • Talos' feet now become projectile invulnerable during air Spartan Rush.
  • Talos' fully charged Titan Smash (S2) no longer causes extreme pushback against cornered opponents.

Visual Improvements

  • Added a new look for Kinetic Advance shadows.
  • Armor hits are conveyed more clearly with VFX.
  • Lifebar displays combo damage, block damage, and armor damage more accurately.
  • Smoothed out animation timing for Talos air throw, making it easier to identify the follow-up window.
  • Fixed a strange movement issue with Crow's forward throw against Dauntless.

Audio Improvements

  • Armor hits now have unique SFX to stand out from normal hits.
  • Kinetic Deflect activation has SFX.
  • Sound mix updates.

The team at Radiant is issuing technical alpha passes at a considerably fast rate, so if you're looking to try the game out, sign-ups are still available on the Rising Thunder website.

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