Guitar Hero Live Trailer Runs Down Features and Introduces Singing

Guitar Hero Live is currently touring Gamescom, and FreeStyleGames has released a video detailing the game's many expected features. Best of all, players will be able to sing along with their favorite songs in addition to rocking it out with the guitar. 


FreeStyleGames goes in-depth on Guitar Hero Live's multitude of features, including the different bands and venues, GHTV, and the return of karaoke singing to the gameplay. However, it is unknown at this time how big of a role vocals will play. Will your bandmates sneer at you if yoiu mess up the song notes? More to the point, is there an Auto-Tune power-up? We'll find out soon enough as we draw closer to the game's release.

Guitar Hero Live releases on October 20th for Xbox One and PS4. 

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