TwitchCon 2015 will include playable Legacy of the Void, Street Fighter 5, and more

Twitch has issued an early list of exhibitors that will attend the inaugural TwitchCon in San Francisco. A number of publishers and developers will be in the house with some playable games that are sure to raise a few eyebrows.


At first glance, it would appear that the inaugural TwitchCon would focus on the streaming experience and unite broadcasters around the world. However, it looks like the event may have some items of interest for players of all stripes. Today, Twitch detailed the early list of exhibitors and what they'll bring to the event, which includes some playable games.

The following game publishers and developers will be on-hand along with these games:

  • ArenaNet - As a sponsor of TwitchCon 2015, ArenaNet will go on the air with Guild Wars 2 Twitch streamers. More information on the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is expected.
  • - is also a sponsor of TwitchCon 2015 and will be showing off World of Warships, the naval MMO that essentially takes the combat of World of Tanks into the high seas.
  • Blizzard - Not only will StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void be playable, the publisher will also reveal new content for the game, just weeks prior to BlizzCon.
  • Capcom - This will be another opportunity to go hands-on with Street Fighter V. The Capcom Pro Tour will also be present, so people on-hand will witness the next major competitive tournament for Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Deep Silver - Deep Silver will have playable copies of Mighty No. 9. They'll also be recruiting Twitch broadcasters to help out with early access looks at their games.
  • Daybreak Games - The latest build for H1Z1 will be present on Saturday at 10:30AM.
  • Devolver Digital - New builds for Enter the Gungeon, Broforce, and Noct will be available on the show floor.
  • Corsair - The PC manufacturer will have an entire product line to show off, but more interestingly, will also announce an exclusive new game partner.
  • Alienware - The Alienware truck will be on-site with fully playable Alienware Steam Machines.

Fully interactive areas will also be scattered across the show floor, offering valuable information on how to create a professional Twitch channel, stream for charity, or even broadcast live from the show floor through the Razer Broadcaster Zone. There will also be playable PC stations in the Intel Gaming Lab, as well as an Indie Alley area spotlighting the best of indie gaming.

TwitchCon 2015 will run from September 25-26 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, CA. For more, be sure to visit the TwitchCon website.

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