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Modder gets Half-Life to run on Android Wear smartwatch

You can now play Valve's classic shooter on your wrist. Just don't go on expecting to have a fulfilling experience.


With the introduction of smartwatches, it was only a matter of time until we were able to play the games of yesterday from the comfort of our wrist. But being able to play the entirety of Half-Life on an Android Wear watch is still an impressive feat.

Software modder Dave Bennett was able to squeeze SDLash3D onto a first-gen LG G Watch. SDLash3D is an open-source emulator that is able to run some of Valve’s earlier titles, which of course means Half-Life is fully supported.

While the experience may not be ideal considering the frame rate tends to dip below acceptable gaming levels, as well as the small screen making it difficult to use its virtual controls, it’s still pretty cool to see such a classic game running on a smartwatch.

Now if only we can get some classic adventure games running on our smart watches, we’d be all in. Who wouldn’t want Sam & Max: Hit the Road on your wrist all the time?

[Via Dave Bennett]

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