Ex Witcher 3 Devs Form New Studio: Fool's Theory

A group of ex-Witcher 3 developers have formed their own studio, Fool's Theory, and are already working on a new mysterious project. 


A group of developers that worked on massive games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have decided to take a break from huge production games. They left CD Projekt Red and sought refuge in the mountains of southern Poland, where they founded a new development studio called Fool's Theory, with the goal of shaking up the gaming status quo.

Fool's Theory has now joined with IMGN.PRO, a Polish game development studio and publisher, to work on a new unannounced game. What is the game, exactly? Well, that's still a big mystery. However, a handy little countdown clock started today, indicating that we can expect the answer to this burning question and more in about 25 days.

Fool's Theory has already helped develop games like The Witcher 3, Kholat, and Ancient Space. IMGN.PRO has also worked on Kholat, Dreamfall Chapters, and Euro Truck Simulator. We'll keep an eye on the upcoming collaborative game as details emerge.

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