Never Alone getting DLC, expanding to more platforms

Never Alone: Foxtales will tell another Alaskan Native folktale later this month, and hit more platforms in the fall.


Never Alone, the game developed in cooperation with an Alaska Native community in order to share its cultural fables, still has some more stories to tell.

E-Line Games announced Never Alone: Foxtales today, the first piece of downloadable content. Foxtales will feature three new stages, based on another Alaskan folktale "The Two Coastal Brothers." As with the main game, the story will be delivered through oral tradition, so this story is as it's told by Willie Panik Goodwin, Sr. It will be available July 28, but no price was announced.

The Two Coastal Brothers is also about interdependence between two characters; one brother is a good hunter while the other is a good swimmer, and the two have to work together. It's set in a more nautical environment, in the coasts of northwest Alaska, and the blog promises it won't be as uniformly snowy in this location. Plus, it will be taking place during the Arctic spring, with blooms and rapids making an appearance. 

Never Alone will also be expanding to two more PlayStation platforms. E-Line Games said it expects to launch on PlayStation 3 and Vita this fall.

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