SDCC 2015: Taking aim with Battleborn's Marquis

The folks at 2K and Gearbox set up shop at Petco Park during San Diego Comic-Con to show Battleborn off to the public. Shacknews decided to jump in on one of these sessions, donning our derby and jumping in with the debonair Marquis. Here's our full playthrough.


Battleborn is preparing to take up arms later this year, with 2K and Gearbox Software having previously shown the MOBA-inspired first-person shooter during the weeks leading up to E3 2015 and also at the show itself. By now, the E3 demo should look more than familiar to anyone that has been following the game's development. It also looked familiar to Shacknews when we went hands-on once again during San Diego Comic-Con, but this time around, we took to the battlefield with the general public.

While there were no major differences in terms of the content shown, there were some subtle differences that were observed. For one thing, the public generally got the hang of the game quickly and quickly grasped the concept of leveling up every couple of minutes. The MOBA similarities were not lost on them. In fact, the only issue that public players faced were with the game's map and objectives, as there were a few instances where they hit a standstill before realizing where they needed to go next.

The other item to note was that the public generally got the idea of teamwork, but even when acting individually, they were able to make short work of the game's foes. In fact, the Varelsi Conservator was far easier this time around than it was before. While 2K reps noted that the difficulty was toned down, it was still jarring to see just how much easier this big-time foe was to take down than before. A lot of that can likely be attributed to how quickly the public users were able to acclimate themselves to Battleborn's mechanics.

For the purposes of this demo, we grabbed our trusty sniper cane and took to the field as the deadly Marquis d'Caliber. Check out our full playthrough, direct from San Diego Comic-Con, below.

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