Destiny servers going down today for server maintenance again [Update: they're back up!]

Bungie has scheduled a server maintenance to take place today with no word of how long it'll take nor what it's for. Find out what time it's happening here.


Update 2: After close to eight hours of downtime, Destiny's servers are back up. As for what was changed due to this server maintenance, Bungie says there are no patch notes available for today's changes. "The player experience is as you remember it," Bungie writes. "We did some work to better enable us to serve you."]

Update 1: We now know this server maintenance won't be a quick one as Bungie says it's scheduled to conclude around 12:00pm PDT. That means Guardians won't be able to access the game for a total of eight hours today, leading us to wonder what kind of maintenance Bungie is performing that would require that amount of time.

As soon as we hear any additional updates, we'll proceed to update this story.

Original Story:

Bungie has announced Destiny servers will be going offline for maintenance today with no word of how long the down time could go on for.

Destiny’s planned maintenance will begin at 4am PDT / 7am EDT today and will last for as long as Bungie deems it necessary. The developer didn’t reveal what the scheduled server maintenance is for, but until it’s completed, Guardians will be unable to log into the game across all platforms.

Bungie has been going server-maintenance crazy for the past couple of weeks as iy brought Destiny’s servers down for six hours two weeks ago and brought them down again two days later to implement a Passage Coin hotfix. Things have been quiet in the galaxy for some time now, but it appears things will be disrupted yet again today. With The Taken King releasing in two months, we have a feeling these scheduled server maintenances will continue to occur until its release.

As soon as Destiny’s servers are brought back online, we’ll be sure to update this story as well as detail what fixes, if any, were implemented into Destiny. In the meantime, check out what we thought of The Taken King at E3 or watch the following interview with Bungie programmer Luke Timmins about -- what else -- The Taken King.

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