The Escapists The Walking Dead announced by Worms developer

Team 17 has announced a new The Escapists game is being developed and will take place in the world of The Walking Dead.


Team 17, best known for their work on the Worms series, has announced The Escapists The Walking Dead for Xbox One and PC.

The Escapists The Walking Dead is being created in conjunction with Skybound Entertainment as it brings together the 8-bit pixel art style of The Escapists with the universe and characters of the original The Walking Dead graphic novels.

Players will control Rick Grimes as he fends off the attack of zombie hordes to find a safe escape route from each area, while also trying to secure the safety of a number of familiar characters from The Walking Dead series. The game will stick to the timeline of the graphic novels, so as players progress through it, they’ll be moving through a series of familiar locations,

We didn't think The Escapists was a bad game when we reviewed it earlier this year, but we have a feeling it's going to be even more difficult to escape certain situations when zombies are involved.

The Escapists The Walking Dead will be available on Xbox One and PC in late summer. While the original The Escapists is currently available on PlayStation 4, no details were given regarding this mash-ups release on Sony's platform.

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