Mortal Kombat X demonstrates Predator's hunting abilities in live stream

The Predator steps into the Mortal Kombat X arena tomorrow, so NetherRealm jumped on its Twitch channel to begin the hunt a little early.


The Predator is about to stalk its prey in Mortal Kombat X tomorrow. But before it steps into the arena, NetherRealm took to its Twitch channel to reveal just what it could do.

The latest NetherRealm stream showed off the Predator's three different fighting variations, all of which sport distinctly different Predator masks. The Warrior style utilizes the Predator's agility, giving it some crazy aerial moves and overhead strikes, as well as an unblockable self-destruct attack that will harm Predator, but also hurt opponents more, depending on how close it hits. The Hish-Qu-Ten variation grants the creature its plasma projectiles, making it more of a zone fighter. Finally, there's the Hunter variation, which gives Predator a slew of grenades (reminiscent of Cyrax) and snare traps, making Predator more of a defensive fighter. As a defensive fighter, Predator also gets a heal ability.

Regardless of which variation is used, the Predator looks to be a long-ranged combatant. It uses its projectiles, smart discs, and the long reach of its claws to its advantage. It also has a number of moves inspired by the iconic films, including a leaping scimitar-style leaping strike that was pulled from the scene where the creature attacked Carl Weathers. And of course, it can cloak itself in mid-fight. While cloaked, the Predator can take up to five hits and will take no chip damage from blocking attacks.

The Predator arrives for Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack owners tomorrow, with all others getting it on July 14. For more on the Predator and its abilities, including NetherRealm devs showing off its Fatalities and Brutalities, check out the full NetherRealm stream below.

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