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Broforce July update flexes its muscles

Broforce is deploying its latest update in time for July 4th weekend, introducing two new Bros, melee attacks, and the ability to flex those muscles.


America celebrates its independence this weekend. And just like last year, there's no better way to celebrate that independence than with heavy firearms and freedom, courtesy of Broforce.

The latest Broforce update will feature two new heroes. The Brocketeer flies around on a cool jetpack, which allows him to bro-mbard his foes from above. Meawhile, Broheart is a Scottish-American hero that fights for freedom! Freedom to be a bro! He stabs foes with his trusty knives, which leads into the other big part of this Broforce update, which is new melee attacks. Though bullets fly everywhere, certain characters will now be able to strike with roundhouse kicks to the face or dissect enemies with chainsaws for America!

Also, there's flexing. Lots of flexing. Broforce may have guns, but now it has guns!

There are also bug fixes and tweaks, which can be found on the game's Steam Announcements page. For more, check out the trailer below. Broforce is available now on Steam Early Access.

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