Sorcerer King powers out of Steam Early Access in July

Stardock is preparing the Doomsday Counter, as the 4x fantasy game, Sorcerer King, is set to leave Steam Early Access and officially release in July.


It's said that sometimes, the best way to win is simply not to play. Alright, smart guy, but what if when the game begins, you've already lost? That was the premise of Sorcerer King when it was unveiled back in October, putting players in a 4X fantasy game that starts off with the world already conquered by an omnipotent force of the same name. Now it's time to take the fight to the malevolent monarch for real, because developer Stardock is bringing the game out of Steam Early Access.

For those that are unfamiliar with the premise, players jump into the procedurally-generated world as a ruler of a city-state. The world has been conquered by the titular Sorcerer King, so players must build a kingdom and gather enough power to put an end to his reign. Players can either pick between six sovereigns (Wizard, Commander, Tyrant, Guardian, Priest, or Tinkerer) or create a custom sovereign to take on the King. There's only a limited time to do so, as there's a giant Doomsday Counter to contend with, but rival factions and the King himself will not make this easy.

Sorcerer King will exit Steam Early Access on July 16. For more, check out the trailer below.

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