Twitch Spotlight: Renee Reynosa (a.k.a. lolRenaynay) at E3 2015

Andrew meets up with Twich broadcaster, Renee (a.ka. lolRenaynay), to discuss E3 and the games she's most excited for.


As the Shacknews video crew wandered the floor a E3 2015 last week, they bumped into some prominent Twitch streamers. The second of whom is Renee Reynosa, also known by her Twitch handle of lolRenaynay, streamer of such games as Bloodborne, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Life is Strange.

Andrew talks to Renee about how she got her start on Twitch, her current endeavor of streaming all of the Fallout games before the release of Fallout 4, what she's seen at E3, and also what she's looking ahead to in the coming year.

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