NOLF Demo Release Error

Monolith's Dan Miller emailed us saying some sites might've had a wrong build of the No One Lives Forever demo that was released last week. I am not 100% certain that the Shugashack download was the corrupt version, as I replaced at a later time than most sites and I don't have a fast enough connection to check it out. If you got it from another site and have verified it's not the correct version (see below), here is the correct version from the Shack. There are six differences between the early build and the official Technology Demo

1. Bug fixes
2. The training level had a total make-over between builds and is vastly improved
3. AI in the middle two levels has been improved.
4. The default display is 640X480X32 (instead of the odd 960X720).
5. The default game config is easier to pick up and run with.
6. Sticky areas have been cleaned up for the most part.

To be certain which version you have, Dan mentions this

If you want to make sure you have the correct build, here is how: the first room of the training mission will either have the armor and the ammo crate on a table or in a glass case. If the armor and ammo are on a table, you have the wrong build. If the armor and ammo are secure in a glass case, you have the correct official tech demo.

Dan also mentions they (Monolith) are still working on overall speed and loading times of the game.

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