Destiny servers down to implement Passage Coin hotfix [Update: back up]

Bungie is implementing a hot fix for how Passage Coins are distributed as well as weapon behavior. As a result, Destiny's servers are currently down and should last for about an hour.


[Update: The Destiny servers are back up.]

Original story:

Bungie took down Destiny’s servers on June 22 for maintenance saying it could take up to six hours for them to come back. Guardians would have hoped the developer would have gotten all of that server maintenance stuff out of the way, but it appears they have taken them down once again. At least today’s server downtime won’t be as lengthy, and when it goes back up, a new hot fix will be implemented.

Destiny Hot Fix will make two small adjustments to how Passage Coins are distributed in Trials of Osiris and weapon behavior as a player migrates their account from the Destiny demo to the full version of the game. In regards to the Passage Coins, they’ll no longer be rewarded from the Lighthouse chest, although Bungie has added a chance for the coin to be awarded after a match loss.

Today’s server downtime is said to last approximately an hour, so if you’re currently affected by it, you won’t be sitting around all day waiting for it to come back up.

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