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Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict now available to try in Public Test Realm

Blizzard has made Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict available to try out before it launches next week on its Public Test Realm.


Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict will begin starting on June 30, but Blizzard has announced players can test out its newest battleground, Battlefield of Eternity, as well as some of the upcoming content and changes on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

First, the Battlefield of Eternity battleground is a two-lane map that features two massive Immortals that will battle endlessly at its center. Players need to come together in order to defeat the opposing Immortal. Once the opposing Immortal is defeated, the remaining Immortal will be restored to full health and will begin attacking enemy structures, focusing on a lane that has the most remaining defenses.

The Eternal Conflict expansion will include the Diablo series’ Treasure Goblins that will pop up as a Special Event Quest called “Kill a Treasure Goblin!” each day. Players with this quest activated will cause a Treasure Goblin to spawn at a random location near their team’s Core. Killing the Treasure Goblin prior to the pregame timer hitting 0 will be rewarded with 100 Gold for their effort, as long as they have the Special Event Quest active.

Those are the two major additions Blizzard is making available in the PTR, although a number of additional changes to a variety things in the game, such as art, sound, and user interface are also being made. To access the PTR, all you have to do is click on the Region/Account dropdown list found above the Play button, select “PTR: Heroes of the Storm” and then click Install. Once the installation completes, click “Play” and you’ll be logged into the PTR.

Blizzard posted a FAQ on what can and can’t be done within the PTR as well as what can transfer over. Be sure to give it a read below before you attempt to access it.


Can I post articles and videos based on what I experience in the PTR?

Of course! Log in, play a few matches, and don’t forget to let us know what you think. We always appreciate your thoughts on the game, and will continue to welcome constructive feedback about new and old content alike during this PTR phase. However, this iteration of the PTR is largely intended to make sure everything in the next Heroes patch is working correctly before it is released. We will be focused on uncovering bugs during this time, and will likely not be able to incorporate changes based on PTR feedback until we release additional patches in the future.

Will I still have my Heroes and Skins on the PTR?

Yes. Any purchases you’ve made in Heroes of the Storm thus far will be available for use on the PTR, including your Heroes, Mounts, and Skins. Additionally, the same free-to-play Hero Rotation that’s available in the current version of the game will also be available on the PTR. However, please note that the in-game Shop will be disabled during this phase of the PTR, and you will be unable to make any purchases using real money or Gold.

What about my level progress and Gold?

Your Hero and Player Levels, Gold, progression rewards, and any other content you’ve unlocked in Heroes of the Storm thus far will not transfer over to the PTR. Additionally, Hero and Player Levels, Gold, rewards, and other content unlocks you earn on the PTR will not transfer over to the current version of the game when the PTR is closed.

What about The Butcher?

Sorry, the Butcher will not be available for play or purchase during this PTR phase, but you can still try out our newest Battleground, Battlefield of Eternity, along with a host of balance changes, and other improvements. The Butcher will be available on the live version of Heroes once the patch arrives on June 30.

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