Smite Xbox One Open Beta begins this July

Have you been trying to get into the Smite Closed Beta, but haven't had any luck? Don't worry as Hi-Rez Studios is launching Smite's Open Beta in July.


Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite has been in development on the Xbox One for several months now, which we caught our first glimpse of the console version of the game back in December 2014. Its closed beta started up this past spring, and on July 8th, the gates to the Battlegrounds of the Gods will open up to a much larger audience as that’s when Smite’s open beta will begin.

All Xbox One owners will be able to experience Smite for free by downloading the game on Xbox Live or by visiting Those who played the Closed Beta will be able to have their progress carry over to the Open Beta.

Hi-Rez Studios is also making it possible for PC players to enjoy the Xbox One version by allowing them to carry over their select progress and purchased items from their PC accounts to the Xbox One. This can only be done through a one-time Account Merge option, so we hope you’re comfortable leaving the PC version behind for the Xbox One version since there’s apparently no take backs.

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